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854614831: Behind the Scenes of Colt Technology Services

In today’s interconnected world, the term 854614831 may just seem like a random string of numbers. For those who are knowledgeable in the field of telecommunications, the number identifies one of the major players: Colt Technology Services. The company is a multinational in the field of telecommunications and with its headquarters in London is a long-standing company with a rich story and a prominent presence in the market.


Establish in 1992 under the name City of London Telecommunications (COLT), later changed to Colt Technology Services due to its pan-European character and initials shortened as an acronym, this company first listed on London Stock Exchange and comprised part of its FTSE 250 index until its acquisition by Fidelity Investments on August 2015 when Colt was removed from it altogether.

Founder and Leadership

The company was founded through Jim Hynes with financial backing from Fidelity Investments. Colt’s current CEO Keri Gilder is renowned for setting the pace in the business. The chairman of the company is Michael Wilens.

Expansion and Acquisitions

Colt has a track record of acquisitions and expansion. In the beginning it was beginning to establish a telecoms system located in London and was granted an authorization to compete with British Telecom and Cable and Wireless in data and voice transmission. In the years to come, Colt expanded into major European cities, creating networks to cater to an ever-growing customer base.

The year 2011 was the time that Colt purchased a large stake in MarketPrizm which provides low latency market information and the trading infrastructure. In the following year it purchased a majority part of ThinkGrid which is a cloud-based platform used to deliver hosted services. The year 2014 saw Colt entered the Asian market through the acquisition of KVH the Japanese company that provides telecom services.

Colt announced its intent in December 2022 to acquire Lumen Technologies’ Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) business for $1.8 billion – further cementing Colt’s place within telecommunications.

Operations and Services

The company’s operations span around 22 European countries, as well as the US, India, and Asia and covers 51 metropolitan areas across the globe. The main hub of operations is within the UK.

Colt offers a broad range of services which include network and voice services. It is especially focused on markets that require a lot of network like capital markets, cloud service providers, media and mobile and fixed network operators. The voice services it offers help to move from old-fashioned to next-generation solutions and have a special concentration upon Enterprise Voice, including IN services as well as IP Voice opportunities.

Reputation and Customer Perception

Although Colt has a wide client base across the globe but it’s not without controversy. According to reports, a specific numbers, 854614831 and 854614968 Colt Technology Services, S.A.U. (Sevilla, Spain ) have been linked to the company and may have been associated with a number of unwarranted calls. Users have reported that the number can hang up after answering, which could indicate collecting data or other malicious operations.


If you’ve encountered this company name Colt Technology Services in your professional life or even stumbled upon the number 854614831 under less than ideal situations, you can see that this multi-national telecommunications firm is an essential participant in the market. With its constant expansion and concentration on the next generation of solutions, Colt is a company to watch for the foreseeable future.



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